Let’s be honest for a moment. You feel that sense of incongruence between your inner and outer world. You know that there is something not quite right. Maybe you have outgrown your reality. Or you’d love to finally step into this greater, truer & more aligned version of yourself. But it’s just not as simple as it sounds.

If you are as I imagine you to be, then you have done inner work before. You probably have tried it all - from journaling in the morning, to affirming your inner worth, to chanting in the moonlight. And yet … you still wonder who you truly are and why you aren‘t ‘there‘ yet. You feel called to make a difference but you’re not sure what this purpose is all about. You yearn for a conscious relationship but you still attract the unavailable men. And even though your social media followers are plenty you nevertheless often feel like a fraud. 


A deep dive to the ground of being to help you reconnect with your truth and manifest your potential. 

My Signature Offering


right place

Our work together is a journey of return, a journey back home to yourself. As you let go of the old narratives and identities that do not serve you any longer, you will reconnect with what is true and sacred within yourself. That‘s where you will find your belonging, your worth and your power to rise & to make the difference that you came here to make. 



IF        IS YOU


trapped in a life, relationship or work 
...that doesn’t feel true to who you are at your core.

frustrated about not living & manifesting your full potential ...despite the many qualifications, credentials and degrees

tired of your perfectionism, ‘comparitis’ & fear of failure ...that leaves you playing small & feeling miserable.

scared to express yourself fully & unapologetically ...independently of what other people think of you

exhausted of leading your biz in a masculine way ...trying so hard to perform in order to belong

If you feel...

Lonely in a life that is so full ...and yet so empty.

The Results

Create a life & business on your own terms, centered in your innate power, purpose & peace

Experience real self-acceptance, belonging & worthiness grounded in a profound understanding of your truest self. 

Reclaim your fierce feminine power, reconnect to your sensuality & integrate your inner feminine & masculine in a healthy way.

Drop the masks & show yourself fully - without shame & fear, deeply connected to your inner wisdom & wild womanhood.

then how does this sound?

Catch a glimpse of the secret of life by diving into the mystery & beauty that resides in each and every moment and in YOU. 

Live, lead & love from your innermost center instead of your periphery. Make the difference that you came here to make.

then how does
this sound?




Apply by sending me a voice message or by filling in the application form. 

Let's connect from soul to soul and find out how I might serve you best.

Embark on a fully customized 6-month journey of healing & awakening that will transform you, your life and your business - from the inside out.  







here's how we can



"I am now far more unapologetic in my expression... 

I am more trusting. I am more happy, more free, more willing to draw on the confidence that I had shut away. I am more in touch with my artistic side and I am left in awe and wonderment of this untapped and unexplored power that women have, that Kathrin has helped me to reclaim and access within myself."

"I had a major breakthrough in all of my sessions...

After the first session I wrote down my intentions for this Coaching journey. And I wrote that I wanted to show myself to this world, express myself more fully, deepen my relationship and leave my job. Now we are halfway through the program, and well, I have already started a start-up, I am out of my job, I live in a loving relationship that is intensifying and deepening every day ... I must say, I have had many breakthroughs at the same time. I would even say I had a major breakthrough in all of my sessions."

"It has been absolutely life-changing...

There is not one area of my life that did not get transformed by it. But the main difference is that I have remembered who I truly am and I have started to reconnect with this deeper core of myself. It has become so clear to me who I am and what I want in this life. I now know what I came here to do and what it is that I bring to this world."


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“This is real stuff. This work is deep and it is going to leave you transformed. You come out as another woman. Or maybe as the woman you truly are. It has changed my whole life.”


“The Coaching Journey made a significant difference in how I relate to myself and to life itself. It has been a process of healing and awakening to my own truth. I am on my side now. And that changes everything.  ”


“It has been absolutely life-changing. There is not one area of my life that did not get transformed by it. But the main difference is that I have remembered who I truly am and I have started to reconnect with this deeper core of myself. It has become so clear to me who I am and what I want in this life. I now know what I came here to do and what it is that I bring to this world.”


“Did it make a difference? Yes, these processes HAVE to make a difference. It is impossible to uproot the roots of a tree without it feeling it. You feel it strongly, uncomfortably and then so beautifully. This journey has awakened me to my true self, whom I now truly honor and allow myself to nourish and love.”

A transpersonal psychologist, certified life & business coach, transformational leadership expert and soulful mompreneur, I bridge the worlds that often seem so far apart - science, business and mysticism - in a pragmatic way.

I can offer you a warm and profound space for healing and expansion. When you choose me as your partner-in-crime, here‘s what you‘ll get...


I am not your typical coach.
I am more a prag-mystical ally on your path.

my absolutely non-judgmental and attuned presence that will hold space for you as you unravel your untamed & authentic self and uncover the truth within.

my intuitive perception that quickly penetrates to the root cause of your topics and connects with your essence beyond time and space.

a trauma-informed approach that recognizes symptoms of trauma, honors the boundaries of my profession and helps you understand the adaptive strategies that formed as a result of early developmental & cultural trauma (and how they impact your life today). 

access to integral systemic constellation work (if helpful to understand & resolve systemic & ancestral entanglements)

a fully customized & individualized process that honors your uniqueness and speaks to your soul. 

my extensive knowledge about attachment theory, female spirituality, shadow work, systemic principles, transpersonal psychology, integral theory & transformational (sacred) leadership.

an experienced coach & mentor that never stops learning and honing her craft, drawing from systemic, somatic, transpersonal & process-oriented coaching approaches.

I cannot promise you any quick fixes nor can I save you the tears, the grief or the anger that you may encounter in the process but I can assure you that you will feel safe and even excited to dig for the gold in your shadow and to shine your brightest light.

My coaching style is based on a solid foundation of knowledge & experience, as well as on countless hours of training but most importantly it is deeply attuned to your needs and guided by my intuition.

I am definitely not a sage nor do I pretend to have it ‘all together’. But I am more than willing to share with you what I have learned by walking this path and to be by your side as you travel yours.










I warmly invite you to take the leap of faith and 
get in touch. Let's find out what's possible together.