January 18, 2021

Sonja: “Kathrin’s magic is unique and it stays with you.”


I'm a certified leadership & life coach, transpersonal psychologist, university lecturer and skilled facilitator for personal & collective transformation with more than 12 years of international working experience.

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How would you describe your coaching experience in three words? 

Life changing. Pure Bliss. Impactful.

What would you like to share about your Coaching experience with Kathrin?

It has been more than six months since I was coached by Kathrin. I remember it vividly and still feel the magical effect today. We dove into the darker, fiercer aspects of the feminine. The parts of my being that I had repressed and hidden from the world. I realized how I had been taught to fear my own instinctual & wild nature. Kathrin led me in such a powerful yet gentle way that allowed me not only to feel the hidden power, wisdom and vulnerability within me, but also to reconnect with it. She used constellation work to help me see and understand these aspects in the context of my family system, and it was simply mind-blowing. It allowed me to penetrate to the root of the issue and I was able to break the pattern as a result of it. 

What has been special about the Coaching experience with Kathrin in comparison to other emotional or business support that you have received in the past?

The impact it had on me. The liberation & soulful power I felt after the session. I came home to these fiercer, magical and wilder parts of me. And it feels incredibly nourishing. It allowed me to step into my own leadership and abundance. I am much more connected to my true essence and it is so fulfilling to be able to lead & live from that place. I feel so much gratitude for Kathrin – as a coach, as a leader and as a woman. 

Why would you recommend Kathrin as a Coach to other women? 

Kathrin is a wonderful woman. Her energy is so gentle and loving, but at the same time powerful, rooted and grounded. That’s why I always felt held and at the same time challenged to move in the direction that serves me. Kathrin is both mindful and determined. I could completely surrender to her intuitive guidance and leadership. She has helped me to a new clarity and inspired me to recognize wisdom in the smallest detail. I realized that it was me who kept myself small. Now I am the one that walks her path full of determination and self-responsiblity. So many miracles happened through the work with Kathrin. Kathrin’s magic is unique and it stays with you. That’s why I still feel blessed and enriched by it, even today.

Client Kathrin Fox

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I work with female leaders & visionaries who care about healing, awakening & making a difference with their lives. My art lies in helping you to unravel your most essential self and to rise into your authentic power, beauty and truth, so you can live, lead and love from your innermost center instead of the periphery.

Kathrin Fox 

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