January 18, 2021

Jana: “I experienced an energetic shift towards more self-love, empowerment, fulfilment and joy.”


I'm a certified leadership & life coach, transpersonal psychologist, university lecturer and skilled facilitator for personal & collective transformation with more than 12 years of international working experience.

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How would you describe your coaching experience in three words? 

Intense, loving, empowering

What would you like to share about your Coaching experience with Kathrin?

Kathrin has accompanied me in a very short time to a very deep place inside of me, where many of my life themes coincide. With Kathrin’s help I was able to become more present to how these topic arise and feel within me and I gained a more profound perspective on how these themes interrelate. I experienced an energetic shift towards more self-love, empowerment, fulfilment and joy. I also feel more trust in myself and in my power now. Kathrin’s capacity as a coach is extraordinary, her perception is so crystal clear and her heart offers a warm space of growth and support. And the beauty of it is that despite the depth of her work, it still feels very light and joyful to work with her. I am really deeply grateful for the time with Kathrin. 

What has been special about the Coaching experience with Kathrin in comparison to other emotional or business support that you have received in the past?

Kathrin’s work is holistic. That means it is both spiritual and pragmatic. Kathrin does not try to force anything but rather aligns with the energy that wants to move. Her precision in that is extraordinary. Apart from the work itself, Kathrin is also a great role model. She is so unapologetically herself. She doesn’t play small and thus invites others to do the same. I love that about her.

Why would you recommend Kathrin as a Coach?

Kathrin is a true leader of a new era of women rising into their power, beauty and clarity. She combines therapeutic expertise with a deep spiritual background and a very grounded humanity, which makes her one of the best coaches I have ever met and which I would recommend without hesitation to any woman who wants to become more of her true self. Kathrin empowers & supports you to shed the layers of your conditioning until you shine in your purest, most essential self. Thank you very much, Kathrin. You are truly a precious gift and a star in this world.

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I work with female leaders & visionaries who care about healing, awakening & making a difference with their lives. My art lies in helping you to unravel your most essential self and to rise into your authentic power, beauty and truth, so you can live, lead and love from your innermost center instead of the periphery.

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